The band stated: «When making this video for «Confrontation» from our latest album «Into the Abyss» we wanted to step out of our comfort zone and make it in a style that we hadn’t tried before and see if we could take a heavy song and make a video that is more of a comedy sketch than a typical death metal video. The result is a strange narrative about getting revenge on someone who has disrespected you, confronting them, and settling the score.»

Get ready for a ferocious journey through Unfair Fate’s music. These lyrics paint a vivid picture of raw emotions, fierce determination, and an unstoppable pursuit of justice.

‘Into the Abyss’ is available on all major digital platforms via wormholedeath. The album features 10 tracks of thrash/death metal that combine speed, melody, and brutality. The band describes it as «a journey into the dark side of humanity, where greed, corruption, and violence reign supreme».

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