La banda de metal épico Ex Deo ha anunciado en sus redes sociales que han terminado la preparación de su nuevo álbum. El trabajo saldrá a la venta, a través de Napalm «Records», después del verano y tendrá por título «The Thirteen Years Of Nero».

The new Ex Deo album «The Thirteen years of Nero» is now complete and it makes some of these so called «Controversial» look at me Im satanic bands sound like Disney land metal ..
Behold NERO , the one they named the Antichrist .. taken from the books and the legends of history and made into a modern symphony of madness with the talented help of the twisted maestro Clemens «Ardek» Wijers and a collosal production via J-F Dagenais .
The artisitc and deadly vision of artist Seth Siro Anton Art Official has brought back from decay a glorious vision into the twisted soul of Nero, a true masterpiece.
Ex Deo is set to re attach a big pair of «cojones» back to the word METAL !
Release coming this late summer via Napalm Records
I can’t wait to share the first single with you in just a few months AVE ROMA !
I thank you for your patience – Maurizio


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