Canadian death metallers CRYPTOPSY have premiered the music video for their new single, «Flayed The Swine».

The track will be part of their upcoming studio album, «As Gomorrah Burns«, which will be released on September 8, 2023 via Nuclear Blast Records.

Vocalist Matt McGachy has explained the song’s significance:

«‘Flayed the Swine’ is one of the catchiest CRYPTOPSY songs I’ve ever written. It’s brutal, full of massive bass sections and extremely vulgar. Lyrically, it focuses on mental breakdown, an absolute loss of control. We all have dark intentions, but rarely act on them. The protagonist at the end of the song wishes he hadn’t.»

The music video for «Flayed The Swine» was directed by Jonas Åkerlund and stars Swedish actor Joel Kinnaman. The video features Kinnaman playing a man who is going crazy. The song and video are a powerful portrayal of madness and despair.

The album was produced by guitarist Christian Donaldson and features a cover artwork signed by Paolo Girardi (POWER TRIP, TEMPLE OF VOID). The cover is a portrait of a burning city, with a winged monster in the center of the scene. The cover is a powerful representation of the destruction and violence described in the songs of the album.

Singer Matt McGachy has said of the album.

«I’m thrilled to finally present ‘As Gomorrah Burns’. It’s an album we’ve been crafting for the past five years. It’s a meticulous effort that we’re proud of. It’s the perfect blend of old school CRYPTOPSY with some more modern touches. We’ve paid more attention to the groove and let some of the riffs breathe a little more than on the last few releases. I’m really excited about this new era.»

«Death metal juggernaut CRYPTOPSY returns to once again pummel our collective senses with their new album, ‘As Gomorrah Burns‘. Their first album for Nuclear Blast, the Montreal-based quartet – featuring founding member and drummer Flo Mounier, guitarist Christian Donaldson, vocalist Matt McGachy, and bassist Olivier ‘Oli’ Pinard – advance their signature northern power while celebrating over 30 years of extremism.»

«As Gomorrah Burns is a brutal and technical album that showcases CRYPTOPSY at their best. It is an album that will not leave any Death Metal fan indifferent.

You can watch the video clip for «Flayed The Swine» below:

Track list of «As Gomorrah Burns».

  1. Lascivious Undivine
  2. In Abeyance
  3. Godless Deceiver
  4. Ill Ender
  5. Flayed The Swine
  6. The Righteous Lost
  7. Obeisant
  8. Praise The Filth

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