«The Satanic Bible» -Anton Szandor LaVey ©1969-.

THERE HAS BEEN MUCH CONTROVERSY concerning Satanic views on «free love.» It is often assumed that sexual activity is the most important factor in the Satanic religion, and that willingness to engage in sexual orgies is a prerequisite for becoming a Satanist. Nothing could be further from the truth! Indeed, those opportunists whose interest in Satanism is none other than the sexual aspects, are strongly advised to stay away from it.

Satanism advocates sexual freedom, but only in the true sense of the word. In the Satanic concept, free love means exactly that: freedom to be faithful to one person or to satisfy one’s sexual desires with as many people as one deems necessary to satisfy one’s particular needs.

Satanism does not encourage orgiastic activity or adultery when it comes to people who could not do so naturally. For many people, it would be abnormal and negative to be unfaithful to their chosen partner. For others, it would be frustrating to be sexually subjected to only one. Everyone must decide for themselves what form of sexual activity best suits their personality. Forcing yourself to be adulterous, or to have sexual partners when you are not married just because you want to prove to others (or worse, prove to yourself) that you are already free from the stigma of guilt, is as wrong by the standards of Satanism-as refraining from satisfying your sexual desires because of ingrained feelings of guilt.

Many of those who are constantly preoccupied with demonstrating their emancipation from sexual guilt are actually bound by even greater sexual slavery than those who accept sexual activity as a natural part of life and do not make such a big deal about their sexual freedom. For example it is an established fact that the nymphomaniac (the woman of every man’s dreams, and the protagonist of every erotic novel) is not sexually free, but is actually frigid and goes from man to man because she is so inhibited that she is unable to have a satisfying sexual release.

Another misconception is that the ability to have group sexual activity is an indication of sexual freedom. All sex-free groups have one thing in common: They do not admit fetishistic or deviant sexual activity.

In fact, the most reinforced examples of non-fetish sexual activity subtly categorized as «free sex» have a common format. Each of the participants in the orgy disrobes, following someone’s lead, and fornicates mechanically-following the lead of the leader. None of the participants consider that their form of «emancipated» sex can be seen as regimented and childish by non-members, unable to equate uniformity with freedom.

The Satanist realizes that if he is to be a ‘sex connoisseur’ (and free from sexual guilt), he can no more feel attacked by so-called ‘sexual revolutionaries’ than he can feel attacked by the prudery of his guilt-ridden society. The ‘sexual freedom’ groups do not understand what sexual freedom actually represents. Unless sexual freedom can be expressed on an individual level, (which includes personal fetishes) there is no object in joining a sexual freedom organization.

Satanism approves any type of sexual activity that tends to adequately satisfy our individual desires, whether we are heterosexuals, homosexuals, bisexuals or even asexuals, if that is what we choose.

Satanism also approves of any fetishism or deviation that enhances the quality of our sexual life, as long as it does not involve someone who does not want it.

The prevalence of deviant and/or fetishistic behaviors in our society would shake the imagination of those who are sexually naive. There are more sexual variants than those not versed in sexual matters can perceive. There is transvestism, sadism, masochism or exhibitionism to name but a few of the most prevalent deviations. Everyone has some form of fetish, but because they do not realize the fetishistic activity that reigns in our society, they believe that if they submit to their «unnatural» cravings, they are depraved.

Even the asexual has a deviation: his asexuality. It is far more anorrnal to have a lack of sexual desire (unless it is a case of illness, old age or any other valid reason that has caused the sexual decline) than to be sexually promiscuous. However, if a Satanist opts to choose sexual sublimation in preference to any other overt sexual expression, that is his business. In many cases of sexual sublimation (or asexuality), any attempt to become sexually emancipated could have devastating results for the asexual.

Asexuals are invariably individuals who are sexually sublimated by their jobs or favorite hobbies. All the energy and impulses that would normally go into sexual activity are channeled into other hobbies or preferred occupations. If a person favors other interests over sexual activity, that is his or her right, and no one has any reason to condemn him or her for it. However, that person should at least acknowledge the fact that it is sexual sublimation.

Due to lack of opportunity for expression, many secret sexual desires never transcend the state of fantasy. Failure to discharge them often leads to compulsion and, therefore, a large number of people devise undetectable ways to indulge their desires. It is not because much fetishistic activity is not outwardly apparent that those who are not sexually adept must delude themselves into thinking that such activity does not exist. To cite examples of the ingenious techniques used: The male transvestite will indulge in his fetishism by wearing female undergarments while going about his daily business; or the female masochist may wear a rubber girdle several sizes smaller than her own, and thus be in a position all day to derive pleasure from her fetishistic discomfort without anyone noticing. These illustrations constitute much milder and more prevalent examples than others that could have been given.

Satanism encourages any form of sexual expression you wish, as long as you do not harm anyone else. To avoid confusion, we should clarify the above statement. In saying that no one should be harmed, we do not include the unintended harm that may befall those people who, because of their anxieties concerning sexual morality, may not agree with your views on sex. Naturally, you should avoid offending those who mean a great deal to you, by which I mean your more prudish friends and relatives. However, if you make a sincere effort to avoid offending them, and despite your efforts they accidentally realize it, it is not your responsibility, and therefore you should not feel any guilt either because of your sexual convictions or because they are offended by those convictions. If you constantly fear offending prudes with your sexual attitudes, then there is no point in trying to free yourself from sexual guilt. However, there is no point in flaunting your permissiveness.

The other exception to the rule refers to the relationship with masochists. A masochist derives pleasure from being mistreated; consequently, if the masochist is denied his pleasure through pain, it makes him suffer as much as real physical pain makes the non-masochist suffer. The story of the genuinely cruel sadist illustrates the point well. The masochist says to the sadist: «hit me». To which the ruthless sadist replies, «NO!» If a person wants to be abused and enjoys suffering, there is no reason not to indulge him in what he is accustomed to.

In popular parlance, the term «sadist» describes someone who derives pleasure from indiscriminate brutality. However, a true sadist is selective. From the vast pool of suitable victims, he chooses carefully, and delights in giving those who like to live in pain the satisfaction of their desires. The «well-adjusted» sadist is epicurean in selecting those on whom his energy will be well spent! If a person is healthy enough to admit that he is a masochist and enjoys being enslaved and whipped, a true sadist will be happy to participate!

Apart from the exceptions we will cite below, the Satanist would not intentionally hurt others by violating their sexual rights. If you attempt to impose your sexual desires on those who do not accept your advances, you will be infringing on their sexual freedom. Therefore, the Satanist does not advocate rape, sexual harassment of minors, sexual relations with animals, or any other form of sexual activity that involves the participation of persons who do not volunteer, or who because of their innocence or naivety may be intimidated or tricked into acting against their wishes.

If all parties involved are mature adults who consciously assume full responsibility for their actions and voluntarily engage in a given form of sexual expression-even if it is generally considered taboo-there is no reason for them to repress their sexual inclinations.

If you are aware of all the implications, advantages, and disadvantages, and you are certain that your actions will not harm anyone who does not desire or deserve such treatment, you have no reason to suppress your sexual preferences.

Just as no two people’s culinary preferences or ability to ingest food are the same, sexual tastes and appetites will vary from person to person. No one person or society has the right to impose limits on the sexual parameters or sexual frequency of others. Appropriate sexual behavior can only be judged within the context of each individual situation. Therefore, what one person considers sexually and morally correct may be frustrating to another. The converse is also true; one person may have great sexual prowess, but to match it with another person whose ability does not match his own would be unjust, and to impose his tastes on another person would be very inconsiderate, e.g., the man who has a voracious sexual appetite, but his wife’s sexual needs do not match his. It would not be appropriate to expect her to respond enthusiastically to his overtures, but she should be equally solicitous. At times when she does not feel much passion, she should either passively, but compliantly, accept him sexually, or else not complain if her husband decides to satisfy her needs elsewhere-including autoerotic practices.

The ideal relationship is one in which each person is deeply in love with the other and they are sexually compatible. However, perfect relationships are relatively rare. It is important to note here that spiritual love and sexual love can, but do not always, go hand in hand. If there is some degree of sexual compatibility, it is almost always limited, and some, but not all, sexual desires will be satisfied.

There is no greater sexual pleasure than that derived from partnering with someone with whom you are deeply in love, if you are sexually compatible. However, if there is no mutual compatibility, it should be noted that the absence of compatibility does not indicate the absence of spiritual love. One can exist without the other, and this usually happens. In fact, most of the time one partner in a couple will resort to extramarital sexual activities because he or she is deeply in love with his or her partner, and does not want to hurt the other, or impose his or her demands on his or her beloved. A deep spiritual love is enriched by sexual love, and is certainly a necessary ingredient for a satisfying relationship; but because of diverse sexual tastes, external sexual activity, or masturbation, provides the necessary supplement.

Masturbation, considered by many people as a sexual taboo, creates a problem of guilt that is not easy to deal with. Much emphasis must be placed on this issue, since it constitutes the extremely important element of many magical acts destined to be successful. Ever since the Judeo-Christian Bible described the sin of Onan (Gen 38:7-10), man has not ceased to consider the seriousness and consequences of «solitary vice». Although modern sexologists have explained Onan’s sin as simply coitus interruptus, entire centuries of false theological interpretation have caused almost irreparable damage.

Apart from real sex crimes, masturbation is one of the most frowned-upon sexual acts. During the last century countless texts have been written to describe the horrific consequences of masturbation. Pallor of the skin, difficulty in breathing, pimples on the face and a loss of appetite were but a few of the many characteristics that were supposed to come from the practice of masturbation. It was assured that a total physical and mental collapse would result if the warnings in those manuals intended for youth were not heeded.

The lurid descriptions of such texts would be almost laughable were it not for the unfortunate fact that, although much has been done by contemporary sexologists, doctors or writers to remove the stigma of masturbation, all the deep-seated feelings of guilt created by the absurdities of those early sexual texts have only been partially erased. A large percentage of people, especially those who have passed the age of forty, cannot emotionally accept the fact that masturbation is natural and healthy. There are certain people who now manage to accept it intellectually, but, as they continue to consider it with repugnance, it happens that in an unconscious way they communicate their repugnance to their children.

In former times it was thought that one would go mad if, in spite of all warnings, one persisted in one’s autoerotic practices. This ridiculous myth took shape because of certain reports claiming that masturbation was widespread among residents of psychiatric facilities. It was assumed that since almost all insane people masturbated, it was their masturbation that had driven them insane. No one stopped to think that the real reason for the insane to indulge in masturbation was to be found in the lack of partners of the opposite sex and in the need to release the inhibition that is characteristic of extreme insanity.

Many people prefer that their partner look elsewhere for sexual activity rather than engage in autoerotic acts with them. This is influenced by their own feelings of guilt, plus an aversion to engaging in mutual masturbation. There are cases where there is also a fear of a partner’s repugnance-although in a surprising number of cases vicarious arousal is obtained by knowing that one’s partner is having sexual experiences with others-although this is not commonly admitted.

As much as we have been told about the «Immaculate Conception»-one would have to have a very blind faith to swallow such absurdity-we all know very well that if we want to bring a child into the world we have to have sexual contact with a person of the opposite sex. If one feels guilty when committing the «original sin», then there is no doubt that one will feel much more guilty when performing a sexual act thinking only of oneself, and not of the need to create children.

Satanists fully realize the reasons why priests declare masturbation sinful. As with all other natural acts, people will do it no matter how severely they are rebuked. Now, provoking a feeling of guilt is an important facet of their perverse plan to induce people to atone for their «sins». And what better way to atone for them than by paying the mortgages on the temples of abstinence?

Even if the modern man no longer feels (or thinks he no longer feels) under the weight of a religiously induced sense of guilt, the truth is that he still feels ashamed if he gives in to the desire to masturbate. A man may feel deprived of his masculinity if he satisfies himself autoerotically rather than indulging in the competitive game of chasing a woman. A woman may be tempted to satisfy herself sexually, but she will still miss that selfish satisfaction that comes from the sport of seduction. Neither the quasi-Casanova nor the fictional female vampire feels at ease when they are «forced» to resort to masturbation for sexual satisfaction: both would prefer even an unsuitable partner. However, satanically speaking, it is far better to indulge in a perfect fantasy than to participate with another person in a vacuous experience. With masturbation, one completely dominates the situation. To illustrate the indisputable fact that masturbation is an entirely normal and healthy practice, we will say that it is performed by all members of the animal kingdom. Children also surrender to their instinctive masturbatory desires, unless they have been scolded by indignant parents. Of course, in this there is usually a tradition that goes back from children to parents all along an infinite upward line.

It is unfortunate, but true, that the sexual guilt feelings of parents are immutably transmitted to their children. In order to save our children from the sad sexual fate of our grandparents, our parents, and possibly our own, our obligation is to get the perverse moral code of the past exposed for what it is: a set of organized pragmatic rules which, if rigidly obeyed, will destroy us. We can be sure that, if we do not free ourselves from the ridiculous sexual standards of our present society, and in them we include the so-called sexual revolution, the neurosis provoked by these suffocating regulations will persist. Adherence to the new morality of Satanism, which is reasonable and humane, will serve the development of a society in which our children can grow up healthy and without the devastating moral drawbacks of today’s sick society.

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