Unfair Fate, a trio originating from Stockholm, Sweden, has released their latest album entitled «Into the Abyss«. With their musical legacy dating back to 2012, the band has reached its zenith with this production, demonstrating masterful musical prowess and an exceptional ability to immerse the listener in a world of chaos and darkness.

Disk starts with a captivating «Intro», an atmospheric introduction that sets the stage for the journey that is about to unfold. From the moment the powerful “Into the Abyss” is unleashed, Unfair Fate drags us into a whirlwind of intense emotions and sounds. The frenetic riffs and rhythms blend with the heartbreaking voice of Nils Hedberg, leading us towards a musical abyss.

«Confrontation», the next track, is a burst of fury and aggression that hits without mercy. Breakthrough rhythm changes and virtuoso guitar solos are evidence of Unfair Fate‘s technical skill and musical prowess.

Unfair Fate takes us on a dark and passionate journey with “Dagger of Lies”, a song that exudes ferocity and brutality from its first chords. With a sweeping opening of hard-hitting riffs and hard-hitting drums, the band establishes a relentless rhythm that keeps us on the edge of the sonic abyss.

Nils Hedberg’s gut-wrenching voice rises above the chaos, channeling the band’s anger and aggression into every word. The furious vocal delivery is combined with the technical prowess of the guitar and bass, creating an oppressive and tense atmosphere that plunges us into a world full of intrigue and mystery.

As the song progresses, Unfair Fate shows his ability to create dynamism in his music. Changes of rhythm and melodic passages take us on a dizzying journey of emotional ups and downs, keeping our attention captive at all times.

«Dagger of Lies» is a Thrash/Death Metal masterpiece that stands out for its relentless energy and ability to keep us on the edge of our emotions. Unbridled fury and intensity merge with the band’s musical prowess, creating an addictive cocktail that beckons us to plunge even deeper into Unfair Fate’s sonic abyss.

Unfair Fate drags us deep into its dark and dizzying universe with the captivating song «Pinned by Conceit». From the start, we are greeted with a mysterious and oppressive atmosphere that envelops us in an aura of intrigue and tension.

Deftly woven melodic passages and rhythm changes are a hallmark of Unfair Fate‘s musical prowess, transporting us on a dizzying sonic journey that alternates between moments of tense calm and bursts of unbridled fury.

With «Pinned by Conceit», Unfair Fate manages to forge a visceral connection with the listener, plunging them into a whirlwind of dark and heartbreaking emotions. The song is a powerful testament to the band’s creative flair and technical prowess, as well as their ability to create music that transcends genre boundaries and leaves an indelible impression.

On «When Silence Falls» the song bursts forth with an explosion of smashing riffs and frantic drums that set a relentless rhythm. The technical prowess of the musicians shines through in every chord and beat, creating perfect synergy.

On «When Silence Falls», his ability to create an electrifying and challenging listening experience is once again demonstrated. The song is a visceral discharge of energy, leaving us yearning for more of his unstoppable, passionate delivery.

In summary, «When Silence Falls» is a clear testimony of the power and mastery of Unfair Fate in the field of extreme metal. With this piece, the band establishes itself as a leading force in today’s metal scene, offering intense and exciting music that captivates from the first moment.

«Fundamentalist», the band’s mastery of instrumental playing is evident in every change of tempo and surprising variations that bring dynamism to the composition. The gut-wrenching, virtuoso guitar solos add a touch of technical mastery to the song, while solid bassand punchy creates a solid foundation for the sonic gale.

«Altered Natures» is a frenzy of guitars and drums that takes the listener on a relentless dizzying ride. The music twists and unfolds in multiple directions, showing the versatility and creativity of the band.

«Altered Natures» is a feast for lovers of extreme metal, who will find in this track an amalgamation of emotions and sounds that will keep them captivated from beginning to end. The fusion of melodic and brutal elements creates a gripping listening experience, filled with unexpected twists and moments of dizzying intensity.

«Sealed in Darkness» is the stunning close to Unfair Fate’s «Into the Abyss» album. This track immerses us in a calmer and more reflective closing, offering a moment of respite after the frenzy of emotions that we have experienced throughout the album.

The song begins softly, with a delicate guitar melody that creates an introspective and melancholic atmosphere. Nils Hedberg’s voice glides emotionally, taking us on a lyrical journey through a landscape of darkness and melancholy.

As the song progresses, layers of instrumentation are added, creating a sense of grandeur and depth. Guitar riffs and captivating rhythms come together to form an enveloping harmony that transports us to a place of contemplation and serenity.

«Into the Abyss» presents itself as a masterpiece of Thrash/Death Metal. Unfair Fate has created an album that captivates and amazes with its unique combination of styles and inexhaustible energy. Each track on the album offers something new and exciting, taking the listener on an unforgettable sonic journey. With this production, Unfair Fate consolidates itself as an unstoppable force within the metal scene, and its future promises to continue surprising and captivating its followers. This album is a call to plunge into the depths of the sonic abyss that the band has created, and those who dare to do so will be rewarded with an intense and passionate musical experience



Riku Tenhunen (Guitars and Vocals)
William Nyström (Bass)
Alexander Kvael (Drums).

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