Against the Tyrants

The new single marks a significant milestone in the Chilean band’s career, positioning them as one of the first groups to produce their music independently in their short career.

Since its origin in December 2022, Against the Tyrants has become a project that has quickly conquered the lovers of its genre since it has been offering material that never ceases to surprise due to its constant sonic evolution and high quality standards from the beginning.

«Blasphemous» is positioned as Against the Tyrants‘ fourth studio work, which was produced entirely and independently by the band, where the mixing and mastering of the song this time was in charge of Jorge Machuca (guitarist of Against the Tyrants). The single focuses on the concept of «the human being as an insult to creation»; a treacherous plague that since its origin has been the killer of the purity of the world even though it has been proclaimed as God’s perfect creation.

The band continues to rely on the audiovisual work of Carlos Fonsalía on this occasion, a renowned graphic artist who has collaborated with renowned foreign bands in the genre and who has captured the concept of «Blasphemous» in its entirety through his art.

The release of «Blasphemous» took place on 08 September 2023 and is available on all digital music streaming platforms. In addition, you can enjoy the OFFICIAL VISUALIZER of the single via Against the Tyrants’ official YouTube channel. The band anticipates that this production will continue to leave its mark on the national metal scene.


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